Shimizu Mokuzai of Kiso manufactures and sells sushi-okes (wooden containers for sushi), ohitsus(wooden containers for rice) and Hinoki baths.

志水木材産業株式会社 志水木材 SHIMIZU MOKUZAI志水木材産業株式会社 志水木材 SHIMIZU MOKUZAI

Weekdays 8:00am – 5:30pm

Custom made wooden Bath

We can make any sort of wooden bath that you desire

“I want to lay my head down and stretch out my arms and legs.”
"If one side is slanted like a chair, it would be more comfortable.”
"I want you to put a handrail in the bathtub"
Please feel free to contact us if you have any such request.
We are doing all processes of work like chopping down and hauling trees and installing,
(only in Japan), so you can order a custom-made wooden bath.
We can also make the inside of the bath tub like a chair.
Please tell us about your preferences and ideas.

Custom Case 1

Custom Case 1I want to take a nice relaxing bath
while leaning against the bath tub.

Why not lean on one side of the bath? It will be more relaxing in hot water. You may even fall asleep with a wooden bath.

Custom Case 2

Custom Case 2I also want a pillow to put my head on.

How about a wooden pillow on one side?
If you have a wooden bath with a pillow that's just rightly placed to put your neck on, you can put your head on it and relaxed.

Custom Case 3

Custom Case 3I want to sit in a chair and take a half bath.

We will make a chair to sit on in your wooden bathtub.
Reading is also good while taking a half bath in your wooden bath.

Custom Case 4

Custom Case 4I want to attach a handrail in the bathtub.

Having a handrail in the bath tub makes it easy to sit down and stand up.
It is safe for elderly people as well.