Shimizu Mokuzai of Kiso manufactures and sells sushi-okes (wooden containers for sushi), ohitsus(wooden containers for rice) and Hinoki baths.

志水木材産業株式会社 志水木材 SHIMIZU MOKUZAI志水木材産業株式会社 志水木材 SHIMIZU MOKUZAI

Weekdays 8:00am – 5:30pm

We manufacture and
sell of sushi-okes
(wooden containers for sushi),
(wooden containers for rice)
and Hinoki baths.

Shimizu Mokuzai is a full-service company, we do everything from sawing logs to
finishing wooden products (sushi-okes, ohitsus, and Hinoki baths) in Nagiso.
We strive to manufacture products by putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes.
Founded in 1944. You can count on us for wooden baths, wooden tubs and wooden casks.


Wooden Bath

Wooden Bath

Contractors / Construction Companies

Shimizu Mokuzai engages in all stages of the manufacturing chain, from the construction to the installation of wooden baths.
ou can choose the type of wood from Kiso Hinoki, Kouyamaki, Sawara, Aomori Hiba, and we can customize wooden baths of various styles, the classic rectangular, rounded corners, barrel shape, Japanese modern style, etc.You can count on us for cypress baths and wooden baths.We can also install baths if required. Feel free to contact us.

We are always
at your service regarding the
construction of
baths of a multitude of styles

A Hinoki bath for your home

Many customers have purchased our wooden bathtubs and wooden open-air bathtubs for
installation in residences, hotels, and the guest rooms of ryokans.
Our bathtubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be customized upon request.
The wooden bath, with its fragrance and ability to warm the body and the soul, has long been
loved by the Japanese people.

Residential Wooden Bathtub

Relaxation in a wooden bath at the end of a long, hard day is truly a moment of bliss. You can
enjoy the feeling of entering a hot spring every day in your own home.

We also accept orders for wooden bathtubs for country homes.

Price List, Size and Design Schematics of
Wooden Baths

Please note that this is the price of a standard wood bath. We would be happy to send
an estimate of the cost of a custom-made bath.

Box type Wooden Bath Price List

Type Box type 900 Box type 1000 Box type 1100 Box type 1200
  • Box type 900
  • Box type 900
  • Box type 1000
  • Box type 1000
  • Box type 1100
  • Box type 1100
  • Box type 1200
  • Box type 1200
Knotted Wood Yasuragi (Knotted Wood) Yutori(Knotless Wood) Yasuragi(Knotted Wood) Yutori(Knotless Wood) Yasuragi(Knotted Wood) Yutori(Knotless Wood) Yasuragi(Knotted Wood) Yutori(Knotless Wood)
Kiso Hinoki 259,200yen 530,280yen 272,160yen 560,520yen 303,480yen 628,560yen 319,680yen 745,200yen
Hiba 315,360yen 336,960yen 371,520yen 432,000yen
Sawara 178,200yen 330,480yen 185,760yen 358,560yen 208,440yen 410,400yen 217,080yen 440,640yen
Kouyamaki 259,200yen 495,720yen 272,160yen 522,720yen 303,480yen 586,440yen 319,680yen 696,600yen
Lid(Sawara) 19,440yen 20,520yen 21,600yen 25,920yen

※ All prices are inclusive of tax.

Sushi-Okes, Handais

when we cook and arrange sushi

There are two kinds of bowls commonly called "sushi-oke".
One is a round vessel that is used for serving as Nigiri-sushi.Some are lacquer ware and others are made of resin.
nother sushi-oke is made of wood. It is fastened with a metal hoop, and plays the role controlling the amount of moisture in the rice. Also called a “Handai” or “Hangiri”.
When making vinegar rice, we need to release the rice’s moisture appropriately.Anything other than a sushi-oke will not release the rice’s moisture well.It often will result in mushy rice.If you use a sushi-oke, the wood will control the moisture of the rice if you mix the rice gently.
The fragrance of wood will further enhance the flavor of vinegar rice.
One of the attractions is that the arrangement of the sushi will look more authentic.

Sushi-Okes, Handais


Keep cooked rice delicious by
putting it in an “ohitsu”

It is said that "trees is breathe". An ohitsu also absorbs moderately the moisture contained in the rice, and it releases the appropriate amount of moisture, much like “breathing”.Therefore, the moisture in the rice put in the ohitsu is kept to the right level.When cooked rice is stored in a rice cooker, the surface may dry up after half a day, but with an ohitsu it adjusts the moisture of the whole container, so you can keep rice delicious for half a day.
Especially when you want to preserve for a long time, the "ohitsu" with the lid is very useful.
It absorbs and releases moisture from the all sides making, it easier to keep the moisture of the rice consistent.


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We sell sushi okes, Handai, Hangiri, okes, wood baths, and other manufactured wooden products.
Please feel free to contact us about any repairs or any other concerns.