Shimizu Mokuzai of Kiso manufactures and sells sushi-okes (wooden containers for sushi), ohitsus(wooden containers for rice) and Hinoki baths.

志水木材産業株式会社 志水木材 SHIMIZU MOKUZAI志水木材産業株式会社 志水木材 SHIMIZU MOKUZAI

Weekdays 8:00am – 5:30pm

Company Profile


Our company began as a result of the fact that Shimizu Toyojiro (the late grandfather of the current president), who returned home as a wounded soldier in the Second World War entered into the lumber industry in 1944.
At the time, there was no electric saw, and the waterwheel was used to lumber the logs, making building materials and beekeeping materials.
After that, we began manufacturing wooden baths, and in around 1955 we were incorporated as "Shimizu’s Wooden Baths", producing 40 units a day.
In 1967 the factory was burned down by a fire and we started again from the beginning, as a new attempt implemented new machinery and began manufacturing sushi okes.
At the time, artisans made handmade sushi okes using hand planes one by one, but we began machine manufacturing while lower cost while maintaining a high level of quality. Now, we make various wooden products. We have three main products: beekeeping materials which have been in existence since our foundation, wooden baths, okes and barrels.



Shimizu Mokuzai Ltd.

President Shimizu Hiroki

Wood is the only resource that human beings can produce.We use precious wood nurtured by our predecessors without wasting anything and send out products our products into the world in the hopes of pleasing people.Then, we bring back our benefits to the mountains, and raise the next generation of mountains. We produce our products keeping this virtuous cycle in mind.Our products are all things that touch our users’ skin. Our products, whether you think of them as a variety of different tools, or as items with the power to heal through touch, they all, through the power to embody to the greatest degree qualities of wood such as the warmth or fragrance, have ability to draw out an expression of joy on our customers’ faces; I wish to continue to explore the boundless possibilities of what could be borne out of wood moving forward.

Shimizu Mokuzai: The Principle of Making Things

  • 1.  We do not say ‘We cannot do it’ to a customer's requests (acceptance).
  • 2.  Making products by putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes (thought).
  • 3.  Have a consciousness as a professional, do work that we can be proud of (movement).

Company Profile

Trade name Shimizu Mokuzai Ltd.
Address 〒399-5302 4610 Azuma Nagisomahi Kisogun Nagano
President Shimizu Hiroki
TEL +81-264-58-2011
FAX +81-264-58-2707
Foundation in 1944
Establishment 1955 March 16
Capital 22,000,000
Our Bank Hachijuni Bank Nakatsugawa Branch Gifu Shinkin Bank Sakashita Branch


We sell sushi okes, Handai, Hangiri, okes, wood baths, and other manufactured wooden products.
Please feel free to contact us about any repairs or any other concerns.